Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stories 2 - Seller

Clarification from Basic House

Dear shoppers/readers,

Sorry for the long hiatus :))
With all due respect, we,
Basic House are hereby to clarify
a matter about us recently :)
We are here to clarify about some
misunderstandings between us and our beloved
customers, we are by no mean to stir up an argument here,
we just want to turn down this matter in peace.
Hope you all understand, thank you very much ! :))

First of all, there's a complaint popped up saying that
our items are smelly and with stains on it
which is only one side of the story with just plain word from mouth.
Before anyone start to pointing finger here and there,
we hope to think that everyone is a rational buyer.
If there are really defect on the item, just think what you will do?
If me myself, I will definitely take a picture of the item
and complaint with the seller
(which is in this case, we haven't receive any single complaint
from our customer including those who left messages in BoF's chatterbox.)
Therefore, we really doubt the intention of whoever brought this issue up.
And without clarify with us, already spreading hostile comments
and rumors about us, which is really a huge impact to us,
as we all know that in this online business, reputation is everything.
Will we do that to our customers while we just start business for such a short time?

Regarding the smell with the item,
this have to trace back to when we first received
our items which was imported directly from abroad manufacturer.
Once we opened some of the items, a strong smell was assailing us.
Therefore we hope our customers can be rational to understand that
sometimes the clothes that been through a lot of chemical process
until the final product stage, some unpleasant smell on it is unavoidable.
Plus storage problem that might not suitable for clothing
especially under damp environment.

As we strike to bring in the best product with
the less money for our customers,
directly out of the manufacturer will be it.
It is exactly the same as those hang on the boutique's shelf,
but it have no smell and with much higher price tag attached
is because the customers pay for the service for them
to get rid of the smell and plus ironing.
Another reason is during delivery process from abroad to
Malaysia and finally to our house, and from our house to your house.
Within this long delivery process,
there might be chances that due to the hot and humid weather,
in the transfer process,the item has absorbed odor from the environment.
But we will take note of this, and try to dry it in the air before we send it out.

As for another complaint that our item got stain or spot on it,
against this point, we believe that its not sweat stain.
We do execute routine inspection on the items and
make sure they are in good condition without any damages or
dirt on it before we send out.
We do not wish our customers get broken or defected clothing
and make complains, and eventually ruining our
reputation, isn't it so?
We believe that other blogshop's owner out
there have the same viewpoints as we do :))
Under our "Do Take Note" located on the left sidebar in our
blogshop, we do not held any responsibility after the parcel has been posted!
Nobody knows what could happen afterward.

We do bear in mind there might be sweating problem while photo shooting,
therefore we chose indoor for photo shooting
just to avoid that problem and sometime we even
use our own clothes for the photo shooting as well
(yes, we do have the same pieces for ourselves :) ).
during photo shooting, but definitely not smelly armpit like
what others said. And we do think this is a very serious insult to us,
we hope that everyone out there can act objectively to see this case,
but not suppose to be mischievous :))

Some shoppers/readers left messages in BoF chatterbox
saying that we are selling pre-loved items/used clothing.
We are taking this accuse seriously!
We are not stupid piggy that trying to sell worn clothing with
smelly odor and stain on it.
if we do intended to lie to buyers,
we could just wash off the odor and stain
and resell it again as a brand new item,
isn't it right?
We have professional moral as well,
we don't simply create a blogshop selling pre-loved items
with a brand new prices, we are buyers too.

Beside, this accuse has lead to another feedbacks
that saying brand new items should have variety of colours,
but most of our items has only one colour for each design.
We think this is quite unreasonable to conclude this kind of judgment.
Sometimes there'll be only one or two colour for the design,
because we think that they are the most beautiful colour for that design.
Besides, we are only newbie in the business,
we have very limited capital for stock buying,
so we only can bring in the best.
Another explanation is we stock up what the supplier
have in store, we can't control the amount
and variety from the supplier as well.

Another accuse that saying we are not doing
any restock on the items in store and this representing
that we are selling pre-loved items!
Although we understood "customer is always right",
but sorry to say so,
we have temper too, we have our right too!
Hence, we would like to know what kind of judgment is that?
We are not doing restock, it doesn't mean that we are selling pre-loved items!
There are so many blogshops out there
not doing restock on their items as well,
does this mean that they are selling pre-loved items as well?
Sorry to those sellers out there, but no offense ya ;))

Another reason why we do not do restock is because
we would like to keep it "limited" policy,
we do not wish our customers go out there
and see hundred of people wear the same outfit as her,
let's not have that embarrassing moment.
Any girl out there wish to clash the same outfit with others?!
Is definitely NO NO NO!
This accuse isn't fair to us, if anyone out there would like
to make some comments, just back it up with proof,
we'll be happy to answer for that.
Please do not simply make any assumption
without sense and proof of truth.

Some people tend to compare our price with the other blogshops,
this is unfair to us as well,
same outfit but different pricing is an often-seen
phenomena among blogshops business.
This may just because of every seller has their own supplier,
every supplier quote different prices for their customer as well,
imported goods have much more fees to pay,
that's why prices may be vary from the rest.
From the buyer's view, we do understand that everybody wants to
have the best with a low price tag,
but please be considerate that we are not trying to earn big money here
with high mark-up for the items.
Please not to be fuss about this phenomena,
there are nothing we can do here.

Recently, we conducted a survey with our customers
about their satisfaction on items they bought from us
(this is one of the reason of delay of this clarification).
Feedbacks are they are satisfied with the item/items they purchased form us,
some feedback saying that the item/items that
they purchased have strong smell as well,
but they knew that it is just normal smell from new clothing.
Some other feedback saying that our pricing are
slightly higher among other blogshops,
but still affordable and understandable.
So far, we have not receive any email
regarding the complaints above from anyone.
We hope that the particular customer that are not satisfy
with us can contact us a.s.a.p to solve thing out.

That's the way of solving problems.
Nothing more exciting than we serve our customer to the best.
We hope that our effort of bringing you all
goodies from abroad can be appreciate by shoppers.

By the way, we had taken some of the pictures of our left
over stocks to prove that we are not selling
pre-loved items and also pictures of our invoice of
stocks imported from abroad.
Due to confidential policy, we had to cover up some of the
contacts from the invoice, hope you all respect our intention to do this :))
Thanks a lot !
Do visit to view the pictures
as we do not send in pictures to BoF, not to troublesome her ;)

Dear Sheila,

We would like you to clarify yourself with us through email
by stated your name, contact and item/items that you've purchased from us.
We are very welcome you with any feedback, suggestion and resentful.
We just wants to make clarification with you and settle things down
as soon as possible without any delay.
We are sincerely hope to find a solution together with you :))
Kindly email us at

Thank you all for spending time reading this :))
Much thank you to BoF for posting our clarification :))

P/S: Above clarification has no offense to sellers, shoppers,
buyers! Any statement or phrases above make you upset,
we are deeply apologize for that.


loves, xoxo
Basic House