Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hello everyone,

Instead of using BoF, we've decided to switch back to FT. (the new 'management, of course). but the way we do things will still be the same as BoF. Give us some time to change back ya!

will give further explanations soon.

thank u all!

meanwhile, do keep the emails coming!

Spotted! 59

Tulip high waisted skirt, suitable for work and play. Velvet Ribbon, at RM49!

Seen also at:
Oh POpsicle
Miss OCD in Shopping

Spotted! 58

PLain and simple from the front, but sexy at the back!! Selling at RM55 at Velvet RIbbon!

Also seen at:
My Vintage Garden

Spotted! 57

Plain black top with studds embellishment. Seen at Trend Reports at RM38!

Seen also at :

Spotted! 56

Veritas in with more blazer! There's studds on this one too, but only 4 tiny ones at the pocket, but it really gives the blazer an awesome look! selling at RM62, only white left!

Seen also at
Trend Reports
Velvet Ribbon

Spotted! 55

Studded blazer seen at Trend Reports, at RM68.
all sold out! however, one last piece is available at Miss OCD in Shopping at the same price!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spotted! 54

Shopping Playground!
Now on sale! Check it out!
This top was reviewed before, and guess what? it's even cheaper now! only RM30!

(love the big japanese like bow behind!)