Saturday, August 29, 2009

Spotted! 40

Chance Boutique is selling this bag at RM49, it's in the same of a brief case! but definitely more stylish with the brown straps and buckle.!

Also seen at
Trend Reports

Spotted! 39

Pleated top found at Fashion Unleashed! This top is suitable for the working ladies out there, pair it with black slacks or skirt, and with a blazer to give youself a polish and professional look.!

Also seen at
Chance Boutique

Spotted! 41

"A cheerful piece for the Monday blues - just what you need to brighten up your day!" - Parsealed, RM38. It's already sold out at their blogshop, do check with them if it's restockable. a piece to not be missed!

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Vivace Cabin

Spotted! 38

is selling this top at RM45. Quoting from them, "We have profound love for black and white and this lovely top is so adorable! Bows are definitely the most ladylike embellishment to complement with in this season!"

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Skinny Heels

Spotted! 37

Acid Wash zipper high waisted skirt seen at Trend Reports at Rm44 . I like the way how the model pairs this skirt with a simple top. it's so suitable to be worn to college or for shopping. U have to simply pair it with your favourite pair of heels and u'll definitely look good!

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Miss OCD in Shopping
Velvet Ribbon

Friday, August 28, 2009

Reviews 2

Random reviews for the day =) certain items that really caught my eye and would love to own them!

*gasps* SO SWEETTTTTTT!!! dont u think so!! Seen at My Vintage Garden.

Fushimii just updated a few hours ago. I personally love their updates, it's really unique. unfortunately it's above my budget. my budget very low wan! *hehe

From Fushimmi also!! See what i mean? Awesome pieces!

This is one item that i really want! Floral Playsuit!! So girly *love.
Dress can be found at Vintage Cottage, it's actually being sold in other eshops as well.

Oh!! More designs can be found at Girl About Town!

Girl About Town just updated a number of floral playsuits!

Blazer from Uber Love. The blazer fashion seems to take the world by storm, u can look sexy and sophisicated at the same time by pairing a blazer with shorts and a tank top, and a clincher, of course!


Having the right pair of shorts that looks flattering on you is really important! Trend Reports is selling this pleated shorts, dont u think it's cute! it's flair at the bottom, gives it a touch of feminity. It's good for those who wants to hide flabby thighs as well :)

Phat Culture takes amazing photos, but their clothings are really eye-catching too! See this piece? the lace part even has rose designs on it!

Spotted! 36

Uber Love by Lyana is selling this at RM40! I would totally get this piece, it's really casual, and it's easy to pair with leggings, jeans, high waisted skirts!

Also seen at:
The It Girl

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spotted! 35

Black sleeveless zipper top paired with attached colourful skirt!! Selling at RM40 at Appealing Star. Love the contrast of the colourful splashes and the black simple top.

Also seen at

Spotted! 34

This studded zipper clincher is probably nothing new in the online shopping market. But anyhow! for those who are still interested in getting it, it's being sold at Definitely Fashion at RM22 only!

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Tic Tac Toe

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spotted! 33

OMG! Aren't these little darlings cute?!?!?!!! Flats, definitely comfortable when walking, plus that big heart as an embellishment!! LOVE!! Selling at only RM49 at Ablinc!

Also seen at: Orange Little

Alternatively, if u prefer heels (which girl doesn't right? *hehe), u can opt for the same design but with heels!!

Seen at Miss OCD in Shopping at only RM59! It sure does look comfy too!

Also seen at: Orange Little

Spotted! 32

Caged wedges, with leopard prints yo!! Seen at The Kooky Thing at RM55! It's clearance price, better grab them before it's gone!

Also seen at: Orange Little

Monday, August 24, 2009

Spotted! 31

Stitch is selling this top at only RM30! Take a look at the back design, i'm sure u'll love it!

This piece is also seen at Peaches & Pixies in white!

Spotted! 30

The simplistic black dress seen at Those Neon Lights is selling at only RM40. This unique halter neck dress that has an even more unique back straps design.

Also seen at

Spotted! 29

Cocktails is selling this floral toga at RM48! Not your usual spaghetti-zipper floral dresses, nor is it the usual floral tube jumpsuits. Floral toga, this is a first!

Also seen at:
Velvet Ribbon

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Spotted! 28

The polka dot peplum dress that was on the "wanted list" for quite awhile! i personally have one of this and boy! it sure does look good on me! this is because the bust cutting, and the peplum skirt definitely shows off your figure. Rob-My-Closet is selling this at only RM45!

Also seen at
Dandelion's Kisses

Spotted! 27

Tube Jumpsuits! Dandelion's Kisses is selling the above piece at RM48. this is love!! so convenient and cute and bubbly!

Also seen at:
Itsy Bitsey

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spotted! 26

Shopping Playground
is selling this lovely top at RM40. This satin tube top comes in 3 colours - pink, white and grey. Absolutely love the pleated part of the dress that create a flair-look at the bottom of the tube top. Plus, check out the back part of the dress at the seller's eshop. there's a huge japanese-bow at the back! cute!

Also seen at
Miss OCD in Shopping

Spotted! 25

Chic-Belle is selling this top at RM27. The special feature about this top is it comes with a zipper clincher! unsure whether it's attached together with the top, got to check with the seller ya!

Also seen at
A Model Studio

Spotted! 24

Kimono inspired dresses was the 'in' thing for a period of time, and it somewhat died off. But why let it die when it's such an awesome dress? I personally have a whole lot of it *giggles. Check out this kimono inspired dress with tribal like designs at Rona Anggerik Jingga.

Also seen at
Le Chic

Spotted! 23

My sister has this dress from Ladies Fashion. It's really pretty! She wear this anytime, anywhere. because it looks great on her!

Also seen at
The Posh Closet

Spotted! 22

Daisy Deariesx
is selling this piece at RM50. Lovely long maxi, that comes in 3 different colours.

Also seen at
The Posh Closet

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spotted! 21

NunFish (RM45) is selling this elegant dress, dont u just love the colour combination? the black spiral piping over the goldenish dress is so stunning!

Also seen at : Mode Lane

Spotted! 20

A little black number that is very much sought after. The black lace is absolutely gorgeous!! Exudes a girl's feminity, dont u think? This piece is seen at Bunnyish Bee at RM52

Also seen at :
Ugly Duckling Closet

Here's another similar piece see at Velvet Ribbon (RM53)

"What we love best is that since it comes in two piece, the mesh layer can be worn layered over other items to transform into a brand new outfit, all we can say is - Be creative!" - Velvet Ribbon

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spotted! 19

Such a lovely dress! A cute little buckle belt is attached together with this piece too. The top part is designed with cute sheep prints. Selling at RM45 at Shorttay!

Also seen at Cat in the Bowl!

Autumn Closet
This is a dress, but it looks like a top, paired with a mini skirt. hehe. cute! the short mini skirt is definitely a must for those who have long pretty legs!

Also seen at:

Tasty Cherry Chapstick

Cat in the Bowl

Uber Love

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spotted! 18

Autumn Closet
(RM45). Flattering neckline *giggles.

Also seen at :
The Cookie Crew

Reviews 1

Cat in the Bowl. Absolutely love their outfits! Really chic and cute!! Price is rather reasonable too!


Nunfish's Collection of Skirts!!

this is by far the largest collection of high waisted skirts we've ever seen!.


Room 8008 offers a wide range of skirts - miniskirts, flair skirts, long skirts, peplum skirts.


Where do YOU buy your skirts?
do comment!!

Spotted! 17

Long Casual Tops sold at Clothesery (RM40). Pair it with leggings, skinnies, high waisted skirts, clinchers.. u'll still look good! It definitely suits our hot climate in Malaysia.

Also seen at
J'Adore Fashion