Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stories 2 - Reader

In regards to what Basic House clarified,
I was just thinking,
sometimes people dont complain straight to the sellers because people are afraid that they will be blacklisted somehow. Plus, some people use their permanent email address when making online puchases! If that same email address is associated to their facebook accounts, it wont be too nice, right? I wouldn't one the seller that i complaint about searching for my profile on facebook. And who knows, that seller may be someone whom i'll be meeting in the future as well!
(this happened, i purchased something from a seller, and two years later, she happened to be my classmate in uni).

Also, i might want to shop at the same shop in the future, despite the first few unpleasant experiences (who knows, thr might be good stuff in the store), if i have complain before, who knows how the seller is going to treat me? some sellers are dishonest and unethical. we cannot assume that all sellers are understanding and is not bias towards their buyers.

With that having said, i think some buyers dont usually dare to voice out to the seller personally. but use another medium (like BoF and FT) to voice out their issue.

and the lesson is, it's better if everyone create another email account specially for online purchases, an email address that is not associated with FB or anything similar.